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What Our Customers Say About Best Friends Farm…

  • Great to have delivery, so you don’t have to drive & possibly get charged, so it’s a great supplier of medicinal medication & my favorite deliveries;)), ty Best Friends Farm

  • This was a spectacular first time experience literally, getting the animal mints delivered. It's exactly how they described ... "wow". if you still can check out the animal mints they have, it's truly incredible.

  • This is best place to order in the valley. Good deals and great products. Best and nicest people yet.

  • Absolutely the best flower with the best service

  • Great prompt service I am impressed and last but not least the prices and quality are even better I'm a happy guy thanks for everything

  • Picked up an OZ of Bubba Kush, I love Kush! The #Buds are gigantic & the smoke is relaxing in a nice way only Kush gives you. I have RA/Lupus & finding BFF is the best thing that happened to me this year. I'm sorry about the cell # mix up. I'll give you my cell # when I call, & call you back when I arrive on site from now on. Loved the #Lama too!

  • They were very nice! Great Flower! Better Prices, and they hooked it up with a free gift! What more can you ask for 110% satisfied!

  • Many decent flower deals, kinda laughing at those with complaints. For my CBD needs, the Green Lotus is by far the best to aid my needs. MS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, PTSD, and the hardest to dull pain can be handled with the Green Lotus.

  • Was lucky enough to get the last of the Fruitty Pebbles OG ????an the cookies was phenomenal nice nose delectable palate superb relaxation .! Truly a place to give a try ... I want to try out the sweet apple OG the color alone ? my first thank you BFF you are appreciated .

  • Best friend's farm carry great flower with the best price in town i will keep buying from there and there service is great thanks for being here

  • Fast and friendly alongside amazing deals, my best friends farm has great product variety as well as quality to always ensure you get exactly what you're looking for at a price a friend would give you. not to mention their delivery driver makes it to my door! Try the Sugar Black Rose for pain relief, it works wonders!

  • Their Oz deals are killer and they deliver it right to your door! Bud selection and prices are outstanding.

  • Very high quality, grown with care. Glad I found you guys, thanks again!

  • I just got to know about this from my roommate. This is the BEST place you can't beat the quality or the price. I will only be shopping here. Thank you for being here.

We are closed.  We understand that you are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression especially at this time during a Pandemic.

We understand you need your meds for pain, insomnia, etc and we have been there to help you.  The county of Riverside has closed our business and
taken away all of your meds.  We deeply care for each and every one of you and as you know we are extremely passionate caretakers.  We wish the best for all of our BFF’s
 and hope that you will find a way to cope and feel better in your future.

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